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Roland RP401R Digital Piano

Piano Description


Compact, attractive, and filled with Roland’s award-winning features, the RP401R is the ideal choice for a young family looking to bring a quality piano into their home. With its premium sound and touch, the affordable RP401R presents a solid musical foundation for children and adults as they learn to play. In addition, onboard rhythm accompaniments offer a fun way to build timing skills while experiencing a full ensemble sound that automatically follows chords played on the keyboard. Players can also enjoy the unique sound field of an acoustic piano during private practice sessions, thanks to the innovative Headphones 3D Ambience effect. Also included in the RP401R are many extras to engage young students and encourage regular practice, such as a wide selection of instrument tones beyond the piano and support for free Roland piano apps for the iPhone and iPad.



88 keys (PHA-4 Standard Keyboard: with Escapement and Ivory Feel)

Touch Sensitivity

Key Touch: 5 types, fixed touch

Keyboard Modes

Dual (volume balance adjustable)
Split (split point adjustable, volume balance adjustable)
Twin Piano


Damper (Progressive Damper Action Pedal, capable of continuous detection)
Soft (capable of continuous detection)
Sostenuto (function assignable)

Piano Sound

SuperNATURAL Piano Sound

MIDI Format

Conforms to GM2, GS, XGlite

Max Polyphony

128 voices


Grand Piano: 11 tones
Other: 305 tones (including 8 drum sets, 1 SFX set)

Master Tuning

415.3 - 466.2 Hz (adjustable in increments of 0.1 Hz)


Ambience (Off, 10 levels)
Brilliance (21 levels)

Only for Piano Tones:
Damper Resonance (Always On)
String Resonance (Always On)
Key Off Resonance (Always On)

TempoQuarter note = 10 - 500 (When rhythm function turns on: Quarter note = 20 - 250)
Beat2/2, 0/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 7/4, 3/8, 6/8, 9/8, 12/8
Volume103 dB (This value was measured according to the method that is based on Roland’s technical standard.)
Parts8 x 12 cm Speakers (3-3/16 x 4-3/4 inches) x 2
Save SongStandard MIDI Files (Format 0)
Note StorageApprox. 30,000 notes
ControlSong SelectPlay/StopRecRewindingFast-forwardingTop of songPart MuteTempoAll Songs PlayCount-inSong Balance
Resolution120 ticks per quarter note
External StorageUSB Flash Memory
Internal SongsMax. 10 songs
Internal Songs (copy)Max. 10 songs
Display7 segments x 3 LED
Keyboard LidSlide type
Other FunctionsWireless Connect (when using optional Wireless USB Adapter)Panel LockAuto Off
ConnectorsWireless Connect (when using optional Wireless USB Adapter)Panel LockAuto Off
Rated Power Output12 W x 2
Volume Level103 dB (This value was measured according to the method that is based on Roland’s technical standard.)
Speakers8 x 12 cm (3-3/16 x 4-3/4 inches) x 2
Power Consumption9 W (3 - 22 W)9 W: Average power consumption while piano is played with volume at center position3 W: Power consumption immediately after power-up; nothing being played22 W: Rated power consumption
AccessorriesOwner’s manualAssembly manualAC AdaptorPower Cord (for AC Adaptor)Headphone hookMusic restScrew set

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This piano is great for the young family with children learning to play the instrument, with a wide variety of Apps that integrate to keep things interesting and engage the developing mind.